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The 7 C’s of Marketing

Just like the one for communication, a 7 C’s framework in marketing can do wonders too.

Rohan Deshmukh
2 min readJul 15, 2020


We have often read and heard about the importance of the 7 C’s in communication. The framework is considered to be a checklist to understand the factors concerning effective communication.

But have you ever thought about a similar framework which simplifies effective marketing? The reason being, marketing also has several critical components that affect its success.

So, let’s check ’em out!


Marketing involves communication with your target audience to inform them about you and products or services sold by your business.
Basically, it is like putting your hand out to wave and say “Hey, i exist”, which has become a necessity of our times.


Content is key. Indeed, it is!
Anything that informs, engages your audience or strikes a chord is worth the effort.


Marketing needs creativity. This component allows you as a marketer/business to differentiate between your products and those from the competition.

Creativity allows you to position your branded products as the best choice, among a plethora of options for your buyers.


Clarity of brand values, mission statement, voice and style guides is such an important thing, right?
A clearly drafted strategy would also make a sea of difference.


The messaging & outreach must be consistent to ensure that the USP of the brand/product is understood and internalised by the consumers in the manner intended.


Customers are the raison d’être for all promotional and branding efforts. Your products should satisfy their needs and bring convenience or comfort to their lives.

Call to Action (CTA)

A CTA ensures closure to all your previous efforts.
Your CTA must answer “What’s next?” to provide a guideline to the next step for prospective buyers who’ve shown interest.

So, here’s a CTA from my side as well…

Which other C’s can be added to this framework?

C ya in the comments..:)

P.S.: Too many C’s, but i am sure you’d cherish it. (Ah, there’s another one!)



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