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How to Generate Ideas for Content Creation?

Rohan Deshmukh
4 min readApr 24, 2021


How do you generate ideas? What ideas will help you create great content on your brand’s blogs, social media posts or even for guides?

If you have these questions in mind, i have a few tips which could help you get off the blocks. After almost a year of creating content on the internet, I've learnt a couple of things which may be valuable to you.

Assuming you are managing a corporate brand but a beginner in the content universe or content-verse (short for the world of creators, marketers, brands etc.), come with me on this short, interesting journey.

Are you ready to hop on the pillion? Let’s go places on these five paths!

Start with Topics that People Search Online

If people are very interested in a particular topic, then they would be keen to consume more content on it. You could use tools like Ubersuggest, Answerthepublic, Google Keyword Planner to find out what people are talking about or searching on the internet.

Once you find out what people are really interested in knowing, you could create articles and posts on those topics. The key is to produce more content that users like to ensure they come to you.

Time the Trend

What’s trending around you? Look at the news — current affairs, goings-on in your industry/domain, and so on.

Got a clue? Awesome!

Time the trend to get traction. (Image Credits: Pixabay on Pexels)

When you share a point of view or a take (which represents your brand’s personality), people would want to read about it. As the story is trending on Google Trends and among search queries, more eyes would pore over your content.

Social Media is a Goldmine

Any talk of content ideas cannot end without mentioning social media. If you listen or view or read (depending on the platform) content on these channels, you’d know what people are talking about.

Check out Facebook posts and groups. Look for inspiration on Instagram — Reels, TV, Stories, Posts. Twitter can’t be ruled out for short form text based pieces. Reddit and LinkedIn are amazing too, especially for in-depth topics.

Let me run you through some numbers. Facebook has 2.80 billion users across the planet, as on date. Similarly, LinkedIn has 740 million users. Imagine the quantity of ideas that you could gather from here, let alone the discussions.

Check out Competition

Well, there are times when brand managers, marketers and content strategists run out of instant ideas. A quick search on the internet or a brainstorm session or two doesn’t quite throw up the Eureka moment.

At times, your search for inspiration ends at your competition’s doorstep. (Image Credits: Vladislov Vasnetsov on Pexels)

Instead of sweating it over, look up your competitor’s website and digital assets for clues. I do not want you to steal ideas, but use it to get inspired and apply your own thoughts and perspectives.

Authentic Customer Stories

If you create testimonials and blog pieces around your customer stories, it should be an instant hit. What better way to connect with customers and aid them on their journeys than share the stories of people like them.

“People think in stories, not statistics, and marketers need to be master storytellers.” — Arianna Huffington

Storytelling in a business context, with a proper message, builds trust and credibility in the market. If there is anything you would like your content to do, it would surely be to build authority. Stories are a great medium to help you get there.

Bonus — Repackage Old Posts

Now that you’ve managed to come all the way down (thanks a lot!), let me give you a bonus point.

When was the last time you looked at old pieces of content? Those good old posts could be repurposed into a new idea or article. For instance, a post on Facebook could be repurposed for another platform. It could even be made into a carousel.


Look, it is quite possible to hit a rock in search of the best content ideas for your brand’s communications. Now that you know some tactics, you are well prepared to drive north and come up with relevant topics.

If you have tried any other way(s), drop me a comment. I’m all ears!



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