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How to add value on Social Media?

Rohan Deshmukh
3 min readFeb 28, 2021


Can you guess one of the most oft spoken terms on all social media platforms these days? Almost every platform has people playing up this cliched phrase. Now, what is that phrase?

The phrase is “add value”. Some other versions include “add value to your audience” or “bring value”. For a newcomer, it appears extremely daunting. The questions which start popping up in the mind include, but don’t limit themselves to —

How can i add value to my connections?
How do i share something helpful?
I have little background in these fields/I have limited experience. How can i be valuable to people on this platform?

Now, let’s cut to the chase. Let’s imagine you have a presence on the leading social media platforms — LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like. You want to make your presence count and ensure it is meaningful and pleasant for everyone around.

So, how do you actually add value to your network/connections/audiences on these platforms?

There are three ways to do exactly that, as shared below.

Create content

Share content as a post or an article which encapsulates your knowledge and expertise in a particular domain. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a rookie, what matters is putting content out there, which could help someone.

Oh yes, don’t limit it to specific formats. Try out different formats — carousel is getting popular and it isn’t only for ads. Images are evergreen, text isn’t going away soon and video is one format that has to be tried.

Experiment and figure out what works for you and double down on the format with consistency. Make sure the content is original (give credits if it’s not), solution oriented and drives a healthy discussion.

Focus on industry trends, common challenges in your domain & offer ways to address them. Create content keeping your core audience in mind, but make it inclusive so that newer audiences don’t feel alienated.

Avoid jargon or use it very sparingly. Mention the meaning of any such complicated term if you still feel it is a must have in the piece.

Comments, please!

Comments are always under-rated. It is not enough to merely put out content and get done with things. You can’t expect your network to communicate if you don’t do the same with them.

Spark conversations with posts by people in your network by adding your two cents in the comments section. Tell them what you liked about their content, how it is helpful to you and any other experiences similar to those of the author.

If you have another point to make, do so respectfully and concisely. People like it when others appreciate them and also add to their existing knowledge base.

This tactic allows you to enrich existing posts of others and enables everyone to see your perspectives. Maybe other people could drop in and share their thoughts on your value-add. See this circle of influence growing once you start helping people?

In-person messages

If you have established a rapport with some people off your posts and through comments, you can explore scaling it up to DMs (direct messages).

This is a great way to share informative articles in your industry and function/department with like minded professionals and others.

It helps build a better relationships. A personal connection is also established and you could build credibility as the person who just doesn’t post but makes an effort to reach out too.

There are other ways to create value for people online — help them with the right business/job opportunities, direct them to the right mentor etc.

Are there more ways to add value?

Which among these is your favourite or go-to option?



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