10 Signs you are Born a Content Marketer

Image by Mohamed Hassan on Pixabay
  1. You write well, and wouldn't leave writing for anything. Given a choice, you’d not shy away from penning down a post, an article or a creative copy.
  2. You are way more organised than most people. You bring order and systems to the world of work. Such a lot of order often makes those around jealous of your abilities. :)
  3. Your first priority is to try and build systems at work — a workflow, a protocol, a process of going about things. Working with you is a smooth ride for most other teams!
  4. You despise mistakes in grammar, sentence structure and punctuation. Every time you see it, you cringe instantly! You almost feel as if it is a moral duty to correct grammatical mistakes. :) You often leave everything aside to correct that one syntactical error and then take on the rest of the tasks.
  5. Your colleagues always come to you for proofreading their emails/copies/messages.
    “Hey, I am sending this to my boss. Does this email look okay?”
    “ This is our ad copy. Does it tick all the boxes for our audience?”
    Whether you are on the project or not, editing and proofreading find a way to come to your desk.
  6. Your project management and productivity levels are top-notch. They are at a level Tim Ferriss and Ali Abdaal would be proud of. All calendar invites are sent in advance, priorities are managed, and assignments are tracked using Notion and Todoist (or their equivalents).
  7. You are a regular consumer of a variety of media content — OTT, movies, web series, and social media. And of course, books! You are in the know of the latest and greatest trends doing the rounds.
    These are like fuel for all ideas.
  8. You can tell stories that captivate people’s attention (Your friends are like — We want to hear it again!). Storytelling is a science for some; but for you, it is an art — an extension of your thoughts.
  9. You are extremely data-driven. In your world, consumer research is a way of life. You are willing to go down a rabbit hole in search of information that your audience will like and appreciate.
  10. Lastly, you have an almost academic approach to learning. You never give up on learning, relearning or unlearning. Taking courses, certifications, networking, and applying the knowledge is an indispensable part of you.



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Rohan Deshmukh

Rohan Deshmukh

Content Marketer @ Yocket. I write about content, community management and social media.